Friday, January 05, 2007

Ox Cart and Beaver Tales

Isaac has enjoyed his time away from the stresses of college life and has spent his break in typical Isaac-fashion: cutting and hauling logs, milking cows and attending to the various farm chores that arise with the new day. A couple of fun recent activities were added to Isaac's life.

(1) Isaac was the recipient of a book dedication and reading. Caleb dedicated his first book about the tales of a beaver to "Isaac, who has always inspired me." Because Isaac was the recipient of the book's dedication he was also privileged enough to be read the entire story by the author himself.

(2) Isaac has picked up an old project and continued building his ox-cart. Though he doesn't own a team of oxen currently, he has thoughtfully considered the design of this cart and engineered it to have a "dumping functionality" so that some pitchfork handling work may potentially be avoided in the future.