Sunday, September 11, 2005

Princeton University Welcomes Nathaniel

Yesterday Nathaniel moved in to his new home - Blair Hall (featured above). Yes, it is just like a castle.

He moved in after spending a week rebuilding homes in Trenton, NJ with a group of Community Action students from Princeton. Mom, Dad, Hannah, Jacob, Rebecca and Caleb all helped Nathaniel move in and set up his dorm.

Mom writes: We had such grateful hearts leaving him yesterday; he seemed so settled in already. He has a wonderful roommate, (Ariel), a conservative Jew who spent the last year in Israel. Ari is such a comfortable guy to be around from the start - no pretense, no walls that have to come down. When I was closing the door to leave, he said to me, "Nate and I are going to have a great time."

And Nathaniel writes: Yesterday I got back from a weeklong community action trip. My group of 15 went into the inner city of Trenton to a Catholic ministry called Martin House and we did activites ranging from sorting clothes to spackling walls. Our leaders were very fun people to be around and our group got along very well. Probably one of the highlights of my trip was pushing some kids on the swings at the learning center. Needless to say, I am still tired, but I am thankful classes don't start until Thursday. This morning I had a beautiful run around campus. The sun was out and the architecture of the buildings blows you away. It is like a dream.