Thursday, September 01, 2005

End of Summer on Bentley Farm

The end of the Dutchess County Fair always signifies the end of summer for our family. The celebration was accented by a fun visit from some of my college friends, Matt and Marilee, and their dog, Dakota. We watched three cows go through the agony of labor at the Dutchess County Fair during their visit.

The week after the fair is usually spent in restful recovery from the fair and anticipation of another school year. This year is particularly unique because Nathaniel graduated from Bentley Farm Homeschool and is starting a new educational journey at Princeton. So what activies are included in 'restful recovery'?

Rebecca plays the role of loving caretaker for baby Elliot and catches a cool summer breeze.

Luke thinks that life can't get much better than driving the John Deere tractor with Dutch sitting on his lap.

Digging in front of the newly painted Carriage House, if not exactly restful, is at least productive.