Friday, September 02, 2005

Happy 20th Birthday, Isaac

Isaac could not make it home to see friends on this special day so Mom and the family sent him an array of "Happy 20th Birthday" pictures. Clarence Knapp, the farmer with whom Isaac worked this summer, is featured above exhibiting the "Happy 20th Birthday" sign.

Isaac celebrated his twentieth birthday today with a long-awaited trip to the Syracuse Fair. Isaac and I made the hour and a half trip to Syracuse to take in the massive State Fair, arriving minutes after the former President Clinton and his wife left the fair. The fair was huge and it took us over an hour to find our destination: the dairy cow exhibit. I was surprised because the dairy cow exhibit did not begin to compare with the Dutchess County Fair in terms of overall pleasantries and atmosphere. The highlight for me was the Agricultural History Museum, featuring an old-fashioned log cabin with antique furnishings. I really liked the old washing machines that were operated by the strength of the arm. Especially with the rising price of energy, I am thinking that it would be worthwhile to check out some of these options. The draft horse competitions were also a hit. Isaac really enjoyed catching up with some dairy farmers that he knew from the Hudson Valley. The State Fair was definitely a once in a lifetime event for me. The local Dutchess County Fair comes out ahead in my book, even if they do not invite stunt divers and dancing chimpanzees.