Sunday, July 11, 2010

There's a Loud Sort of Clatter From the Stock in the Barn

The Angell Siblings' Farewell to Sarah -
There's a loud sort of clatter from the stock in the barn,
and the sheep in the meadow too,
and out in the pasture an absurd little cow is jumping out to say,

Regretfully they tell us,
but firmly they compel us,
to say good-bye to you.

Refrain: So long, farewell, our dear sister good-bye.

Nate: I am glad for you; you found a Quaker guy.
Isaac: I'd like to give this wedding thing a try.
Hannah: I'd like to go and join your honeymoon. Yes?!
Jacob: Now don't tell me, gosh darn it and good-bye. Gosh darn it!
Luke: I have to go and work on my John Deere.
Rebecca: I'll drive, you shift and we'll both shed a tear.
Caleb: The hens have gone to roost and so must I.

Good-bye. Good-bye. Good-bye.

Thanks to Mike (our Uncle Max) and Mr. Rubin for video-recording.