Thursday, July 22, 2010

Honeymoon Pictures and a Cyberspace Move

Someone told Adam and me that we would have to write a book about how to plan a wedding in a month! We both agreed that the book would have one sentence! I think it would be something like, "Have the best and most helpful friends and family in the world!" Thanks to everyone for making our wedding day so absolutely memorable! Thanks to all for the well wishes and congratulations! We are so fantastically blessed!

Adam and I have some pictures of the honeymoon to share (and eventually pictures of the wedding too!). Starting a new life in Wichita involved a move from Bentley Farm, and with my physical move, my cyberspace blogging has also moved! I will be joining my husband at his blog (now our blog!). Visit us from time to time:!

And for now, you can check our small assortment of honeymoon pictures from Norway Island!