Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sisters' Trip: Day 9 - Gem of the Rockies Trail (Yellowstone National Park) & Drive to Boise, Idaho

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- Bison on the road to our hiking destination!

- Another astounding hike (Gem of the Rockies, named for the garnets that are found in some of the rocks around the trail. 7.5 miles.) that was filled with abundant wildlife: a black bear, a pack of wolves, a herd of pronghorn, a bald eagle and a marmot!

- Singing along with the radio driving through Idaho farm country all the way to Boise, Idaho.

- Singing "Chicken Fried" in the car while laughing because it sounded hilarious and awkward and almost missing the exit.

- Piling all our camping gear into our hotel room for the night to pack and sort. Crazy!