Friday, August 21, 2009

Moving, Settling & Celebrating!

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Rebecca and I spent the past couple of days moving and settling Luke and Hannah into their respective Ithaca apartments as they prepare for their studies at Cornell (Hannah - Applied Economics & Management; Luke - Animal Science). Hannah's apartment was especially intense in its need for decorating and cleaning, but we got the job done!

Wow, we are sure going to miss Luke and Hannah's daily presence around Bentley - they both keep us energized and laughing. We know we will see them soon, and we know they will both love their lives in college, but it was still a smidgen sad to say good-bye (although we made it a happy time).

Rebecca and I returned home to a great 26th birthday dinner cooked by mom that culminated with a summer homemade peach birthday pie! I even got to watch an entertaining John Wayne movie with my family, Angel and the Badman, compliments of one of Adam's many personalized and great birthday gifts!