Saturday, April 18, 2009

Snippets From the Weekend

Uncle Mark planted lettuce in the garden. Did you ever see such a happy gardener?
Dad mixed composted soil into the garden. Dad has accomplished a lot of work this week on his vacation, most signicantly clearing a tremendous amount of field brush that had been deposited after this winter's icestorm.
Jacob (see him in the back right window?) cleaned the Honda Pilot with his heavy duty shop vacuum. Oh, and Jacob (kindly) took me on a date to Foster's in Rhinebeck!
A number of us (girls in picture with Elizabeth) attended the 23rd annual CareNet Banquet Friday evening where B.J. Weber, the former chaplain of the Yankees, gave a hilarious and powerful keynote address. I had my best run in a couple of weeks with Hannah this morning. My lingering cold had made it really hard to run recently but I was so pleased to run 3.5 miles (walked the last 0.5 miles) of our morning running route to Middlevale. I also read Khalid Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns today which was a sobering reminder of the immense and unimaginable evils that exist in the world, but also (as with the The Kite Runner) the possibility of finding both self-sacrifice and love in the darkest pits of earthly hells.