Friday, April 24, 2009

Bentley Farm Prepares to Welcome a New Family Member

For the first fourteen years of my life, the most exciting days ever were the days where Mom and Dad would surprise the rest of us children with the news that another sibling would soon be joining the family. Sometimes Mom and Dad would just tell us the news and other times they would wrap up a present, and after opening the present we would be so, so excited to find the little piece of paper that said that we would soon have another brother or sister. We were always so, so excited! This was the best news ever! It was truly difficult to accept that eventually there would be a youngest and that these pieces of news would not continue forever.

But, here's the good news, in recent years our family has, once again, welcomed new members into our home with great's just that the age of the new members has slightly shifted! First it was our dear grandpa, then our fun-loving grandma....and now, one more is coming! Grandpa Farmer's first cousin, Maryella Strane, is planning on moving into the room that Grandpa vacated. Maryella is 92 and one spunky and clever lady. Our family will never be done growing!

The five Farmer siblings with Maryella at Grandpa's funeral: Mark, Janet, Scott, Maryella, Joanne and Jeff.