Saturday, November 15, 2008

On the Limits of Intellection

I love the gifts of the mind, of the intellect. I believe that the intellect is a great gift of God, to be used for His glory. But the intellect is not everything, and, at times, it is so important for me to reflect on the wisdom contained within the following quotes.

Godliness with contentment is great gain, the Bible says, and so far as I know, neither requires daily intellectual calisthenics. - Elisabeth Elliot

Blessed is that simplicity that leaveth the way of hard questions, and goeth in the plain and steadfast way of the commandments of God.

Many have lost their devotion because they would search the higher things than pertaineth to them. Faith and a good life are asked of thee, and not the highness of understanding nor the depths of the mysteries of God. If thou may not understand nor grasp such things as be within thee, how mayst thou comprehend those things that be above thee? Submit thyself therefore meekly to God, and submit also thy reason to faith; and the light of knowledge and of true understanding shall be given unto thee as shall be most profitable and necessary for thee. - Thomas a Kempis