Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ribbons, Rides and Reeling at the Dutchess County Fair

The first day of the Dutchess County Fair ushered in many ribbons for Jacob who won second place in his 4-H showmanship competition and also won 4-H Ayrshire junior grand champion with his fall yearling heifer.
Meanwhile, Jake found himself a home among the rides that turn upside down.

Mom went on a ride too, but she preferred staying right-side-up on a hay wagon. She and Caleb did some puppeteering for the annual fair parade.

Our friends, the Walkers, put on an energized square dance in the hours of the setting sun. Check out their family webpage to listen to their amazing musical talent.

We could dance and reel all evening long! We had the best time.

This is the art display that Sean made to accompany the cows and educate the passerbys.