Thursday, July 03, 2008

Silence of Mind (Revised)

I have thought a bit recently about "simplicity of mind," or as William Penn said, "silence of mind." There are so many ways and areas of life where simplicity may be practiced, yet the hidden life of the mind seems to get overlooked.

Silence of mind does not try to comprehend all mysteries.

It knows the limits of human comprehension.

Silence of mind does not perseverate in the past.

Silence of mind does not agonize over the future.

Silence of mind simply knows that the heart has found a resting place in the Word of Truth, the Lord Jesus.

Silence of mind trusts that the love of God toward me is perfect.

Silence of mind provides a restful heart to which the words of Christ may be spoken and discerned.

Silence of mind patiently understands that the work of God transforms first the inner and unseen being and then the outer being.

Silence of mind is to choose contentment of mind.

Silence of mind recognizes that the day of preparation is just as important as the day of action.

Silence of mind is a condition of love because the inner struggle with self is being mastered.