Friday, July 11, 2008

Childhood and Castles

Childhood is the most wonderful season of life for dreaming.

Distanced from true responsibility, not yet calloused by failed expectations, optimistic concerning the potential of the human spirit, and free to spend liberal amounts of times reading of other lands and peoples and times, childhood ideally concocts the most fertile ground for the growth of a dream.

Dreams are irreplaceable. Childhood dreams of what life should be, what it could be, what it will be, give hope to the adult human spirit and carry it through times of skepticism where it seems that life can never change.

Childhood dreams stand as a reminder of the potential of a life, of all of the wonderful possibilities that ninety short years on this Earth could allow. Castles built in the mind of a child inspire hope and bestow perseverance through the paths of adulthood.

May we not forget the dreams of our childhood when difficulty besets in the journey to fulfillment. As Wendell Berry has well stated, "The maintenance of a continuity, a vital connection, between childhood vision and adult experience is part of the obligation of a moral man." (Photo: