Wednesday, February 14, 2007

White on the Outside, Pink on the Inside

I am not quite sure why the colors pink and red have become so closely associated with love and St. Valentine's Day. Perhaps their vibrant hues symbolize the passionate nature of love. After today, though, I am sure that white is an equally appropriate color for St. Valentine's Day. A thick covering of white snow fell like a cozy down comforter all day long and made me snuggle further into the warmth of hearth and home. The white snow was pure, as all love should be, and peaceful as well. It was a gentle combination. We accentuated the snow-bound feeling of the day by completing a new John Deere puzzle. And Mom, careful to preserve the holiday's traditional colors, left us beautiful cupcakes with classic pink hearts to enjoy for dessert while she and Dad left for their Valentine's date.