Thursday, October 26, 2006

John Deere and Speedo

Rebecca was very excited to find that her cow, Speediest, had a heifer calf yesterday. Heifer calves are of much greater monetary value than bull calves. Also, heifer calves are crucial for the success and maintenance of a dairy herd. Thus, the birth of a heifer calf is always celebrated.

The birth of a heifer calf always poses a unique challenge. It must be named. The names of aunts, old girlfriends and wives were important selection ground for heifer naming in years past. However, Rebecca has charted her own territory when it comes to the art of naming. The heifer who began Rebecca's herd was named "Speedy." Keeping with sound etymology, she has decided to name all of her calves with the word "speed" embedded in the name. The candidate for this year's newest calf? Speedo.