Monday, October 02, 2006

For the Love of Frisbees and Sunshine

Bentley loves frisbees. When we went on a long walk in the woods today to celebrate Yom Kippur (a school holiday), Bentley decided to bring his frisbee along. Caleb was the official frisbee tosser. About five minutes into the walk, Caleb threw the frisbee into the bramble bushes by the side of the pond. I tried to reach in to extract the frisbee from the brambles, but my arm was not long enough. Caleb, not deterred, decided that he would compact the bramble bushes with the force of his pounding body and eventually he was able to reach the frisbee. Success!

Not five minutes later the frisbee ended up in another thicket. This time the frisbee was surrounded by thorns on every side by about fifteen feet. Even Caleb was not able to reach the frisbee though he tried to crawl into the bushes on all fours. When we had finally given up hope of ever retrieving the frisbee, Bentley decided to head into the thicket. Through the briars he plunged and eventually he happily reappeared with his frisbee. Thankfully that was the end of the briars.

With the frisbee excitement past, Rebecca decided to keep us entertained with her fascinating acorn whistle. Her favorite whistle pattern was Captain von Trapp's whistle march from The Sound of Music. It is quite impressive that a little acorn can make such a shrill noise.

The afternoon found the children enjoying the brilliant sunbeams in the back pasture. Rebecca practiced her cartwheels before playing King of the Mountain with Caleb and the neighborhood children.

Caleb reaches for the elusive frisbee.

Bentley comes to the rescue this time.

Rebecca whistles to Captain von Trapp's marching call.

Enjoying the setting sun.

Who is the King of the Mountain?