Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mid-March Days

We have always said that Bentley Farm is, in March, most gloomy. The rains and snow give way to mud. The only deep colors seem to be found in the faithful evergreens. The sky, too, holds clouds of gray with only an occasional peek of blue and clear sunshine to flirtatiously remind us of the colorful display that nature will reveal in her time.

Nevertheless, Bentley Farm in March is still a lovely place to live and we have enjoyed its unique beauty with many recent walks through the fields and woods. The diversion ditch field is quite windy at this time of year, but the wind that blows the wisps of hair into our eyes and mouths is full of moisture. If the wind bit us in January, in March it now licks us. And its lick is delightful when the cold and bitter remembrance of its painful bite is still so close in our memories.

And regardless of the weather and wind of which I pontificate, Luke still simply works. His new project has been to paint the old sap boiling house (soon to become a pool shed) a very satisfying barn-red (see the northern side of the shed).