Monday, February 06, 2006

Trip Within a Trip

(Far Above: Nate and I after the Brooklyn Tabernacle service. Directly Above: Nate and friends from Manna outside the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church.)

Nate was home for the past week between finals and the beginning of a new semester. While he was home he kept saying how much he wanted to do something just with me. So Sunday we ventured down to Princeton for his return. After a three hour drive to Princeton, NJ, we got on the dinky (a little train that runs between campus and the Princeton, NJ station) and headed to Brooklyn! Nate and I went with Manna, a large Christian group on campus, to the Brooklyn Tabernacle.

After returning from church ( a full day venture) Nate wanted to give me a tour of Princeton as I had never visited before. For a large portion of the tour, Nate was on his cell phone speaking with Dad, so I found Nate's tour quite amusing. In the middle of his phone conversation, Nate waves his hand toward a building and says, "Sarah, look around."