Sunday, February 19, 2006



(Rebecca, too, shares in the utter delight.)

When I was Rebecca's age, one of my dearest passions was nannying. I had five younger siblings of my own and was thrilled to hear the news of more coming. It has been eight very long years since I have been able to indulge my nannying passion to any great extent. This weekend we were visited by a family friend with her two-month old, Ivo. Ah, the joy! There is something very peaceful and settling about looking into the face of a contented baby and thinking, "From whence I did come." And I can only imagine the extreme joy and love that must occur when the look is not only of one human to another, but of madonna to child. Perhaps one day that gift too shall come. But as Hannah and Rebecca like to remind me, it would be a good idea to get married first.