Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving Snow and Hikes

Kaaterskill Falls. A beautiful Thanksgiving hike.

Nathaniel and Clint hike in the snow at Kaaterskill Falls.

Caleb and his friend Daniel hang like little monkeys from the rail gaurd at Kaaterskill Falls.

Hannah, Clint, Tscheko, Jesse and Rebecca are on top of the fire tower at Stissing Mountain.

Thanksgiving dawned with a nice snow cover on the ground. It lasted through Thanksgiving weekend. We went hiking with our Thanksgiving guests on Friday to Kaaterskill Falls. Kaaterskill Falls is apparently the largest waterfall in New York State (even including Niagra Falls) but we weren't exactly certain how you would measure the height of the waterfall since there were so many little ledges. Nathaniel's friend, Clint, had no grip on his cowboy boots and scared us all by slipping and sliding so close to the cliffs. Saturday we ventured up Stissing Mountain in the snow. Nathaniel's friend, Tscheko, who is from Zambia, did not like the cold. Can you tell from the picture?