Sunday, November 27, 2005

An Angell Family Reunion

The Thanksgiving spread! (Twenty-four people in all.)

Sandra, Marjorie, Jim, Steve and Grandad wait for the food to be served.

Uncle Sam and Cousin Christopher wait their turn in the Thanksgiving Dinner line.

We were twenty-four this holiday and feasted at the Bulls Head Quaker Gathering Room down the road. This Thanksgiving was made very special by the visit of Dad's father and all of his siblings and their spouses. We were also graced with the additional presence of a local cousin, Mom's mother from Minnesota and two of Nathaniel's friends from Princeton. Dad said that whenever his family isn't present for Thanksgiving, he feels like something is missing. Everything was as it should be this Thanksgiving because Dad's family came back to the farm. The last time that all of Dad's siblings had been together was about six years ago for Grandad's 80th Birthday Celebration.

After the traditional Thanksgiving farm walk, Grandad led the family in some parlor activites. One game was a complicated version of a Koosh ball concentration exercise. Approximately ten Koosh balls were in play at one time