Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Surprise! The Three Peas Unite.

Kristiane and Trina make pancakes, but take time to smile for the camera.

A relaxing day must incude massages. A fancy vibrating instrument helps!

In the middle of my very busy semester of student teaching, my teaching fellowship hosted a meeting in Seattle that I was required to attend. It was an excellent meeting about teaching science as inquiry. The conference lasted for two days. Following the conference, I had arranged to spend Saturday evening and Sunday, with my friend Trina Davis, who was one of my senior year roommates from George Fox University. We were so excited to see each other. Of course we were a little sad, though, because our 'third' senior year roommate, Kristiane, wasn't going to be with us due to a very intense medical school schedule. Saturday morning I woke up at Trina's place, and who would ring the doorbell but Kristiane! She had flown up to Seattle from southern California to surprise me (turns out that Trina knew)! I was so overwhelmed by her surprise! We had a wonderfully special day together - it was so relaxing, complete with Kristiane's homemade wheat pancakes, a long autumn walk, a special afternoon hot chocolate with Trina's grandmother, massages, Tillamook ice cream, Mother's Taffy cookies and tons of catching up. Oh, the joy!