Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Bentley Kitchen Facelift!

For about the last fifteen years we have talked about getting a new kitchen floor. Our old floor was showing a lot of wear, and the linoleum was starting to deteriorate around the edges of the floor. So why did we just talk? Well, the family could never quite decide that the right time had come. Ideally Mom wanted a ceramic tile floor, but ultimately she wanted to lay the ceramic tile after she had knocked down about 3 walls of the house and completely changed the kitchen layout. Ceramic tile doesn't come up easily (and we discovered that linoleum doesn't either) and because we never knocked down 3 walls, we never put in a new kitchen floor. But finally the day dawned and the family decided that it was time - walls or no walls. The family worked hard together, first scraping away the old floor and then priming the plywood floor and finally laying the new creamy brown linoleum tiles. It was truly an exhausting project (and I say that just from a picture analysis, as I haven't even been home to watch!).

Rebecca starts by scraping away the old linoleum. It sticks!

Bit by bit, the floor emerges. Caleb surveys the work left to be done.

Jacob takes the honors of priming the floor. This is easier than painting walls!

Early this morning, Dad (in bathrobe), Luke and Jacob (in pajamas) start laying the tile.

Later on today, Rebecca and Caleb continue tiling. Mom supervised this project and did an A#1 job! Go Mom!

Ah! We can eat in peace once again.