Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tea Island

(Members of the Angell family relax with Trip on the porch of the log cabin built on Tea Island in the 1930s.)

It has become the Angell family tradition to vacation for one day each summer (the farm does not allow more time) at Lake George on a small island called Tea Island. In the 1930s a small log cabin was built on this island. Our friend, Trip Sinnot, and his family own this island and have very graciously invited us to spend many summer days in this peaceful place.

The year's trip was accented with bright sunshine, warm water and a cool lake breeze. Different members of the family went water skiing, while others (like myself) opted out on the standing position and went for a ride in Big Bertha. We spent time swimming, rowing, kyaking, napping, talking and eating. We even celebrated several upcoming birthdays!