Monday, April 22, 2013

Babies In Spring

It feels wonderful to feel warm again outside after such a long winter. We recently received twenty-five Rhode Island Red chicks in the mail and they are happily chirping away. The hill outside our house has erupted with flowers after several days of rain. The trees are blossoming once again here at Bentley, and Eliana and Isabella are experiencing their second spring. 

Its spring its spring
Oh I just can’t wait
To find fruits on the vases
And flowers on my plate

I want to hear the warm sun
And feel the robin singing 
Watch the scent of the flowers
And smell the butterflies flying

Its spring its spring
I’m so full of glee
For the people will bloom
And the flowers will be happy

The gray fields shall be covered
With the magic of the meadow
And the brown sky shall be painted
With the blossoms of the rainbow
-Arvie Calimlim