Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bentley Farm Survival/Adventure Trip 2012

Several weeks ago, my friends, Chris and Andy, and I went on a day and a half long adventure trip out in the woods taking only a granola bar and one bottle of water with us, along with several mandatory supplies. Both days were pretty hot, topping out at more than 95 degrees. We made our camp at a pine grove back on the property, overlooking the rest of the farm. We had a pretty good time, leaving the trip exhausted and exhilarated, enjoying the comradery and adventure.

Thats what we called dinner. Slain with a caveman club and a frog spear.
A fire we started with two sticks and tinder. Actually, we started it with a match, but we had to gather a lot of fire wood, pine burns fast.
Mmm, looks good, right?
The survival blanket and pine branch bed, a combination we call the Hot Potato.

BBQ bass!
The "Weapons Tree", we made several three prong spears and clubs with tree materials we found, electrical tape, (which we also found), and paracord.
This picture speaks for itself.

P.S. I apologize for the lack of posts, my summer has been incredibly busy, but I will be trying to get posts up more frequently. Thanks!