Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gold in the City

(By the way this isn't our picture but we did pass through this 10-foot thick vault door to view the gold.)

On Friday morning Dad, my friend Isaac, and I journeyed down to NYC for a long awaited visit to the Federal Gold Reserve of New York. Going past the Washington Bridge we could see the Little Red Lighthouse that the school children of New York saved from destruction. When we arrived we toured the building and were taken 5 stories under the city to the vault. We saw over 50 billion dollars worth of gold bullion bricks and received souvenirs of old shredded dollar bills. Another interesting fact that we found out was that 95% of the gold belonged to foreign nations who had sent it there for safe keeping. The rest of the day's highlights were;

1. Going to the FAO Schwartz toy store and seeing all their merchandise.

2. Eating lunch with Sean Rubin at Lindy's diner on the outskirts of the theater district.

3. Visiting the Lego store right next to Rockefeller center and viewing all the new sets.

4. Walking through Central Park and seeing the famous statue of Balto the huskie who led the teams of dogs through miles of blizzard and hazard to reach the children of Nome with the precious diphtheria antitoxin.

5. Going to the Museum of Natural History and looking at all the amazing animals and cultures that make up this amazing world.

6. Eating burgers at Nathaniel's apartment in Upper West Side.

7. Coming home from a great day of fun, learning, seeing the sights of the city, and falling asleep in my bed in the wonderful countryside.