Friday, September 24, 2010

~Fall Is Here~

The leaves have turned a golden red, the rhythm of school life has returned, soccer games and practices keep the cars going to and fro. After school projects and chores have become topics of interests. The air is changing from hot and humid to crisp and chilled. Sarah calls from Kansas and talks of her students and her Forensics and Chemistry classes. The trio of Angells at Cornell call us on their way to classes on a steep Ithaca hill. Nate has returned to an oil rig in Pennsylvania and works 12 hour shifts to help our nation's need for heat in the coming cold weather. Mom continues to minister to our invalid cousin Maryella and helps us three at home with our studies. As the seasons continue to change for us, we have grateful hearts for all the blessings which God continues to bestow upon us. Even though we are all spread out now across the harvested plains of America, we remain bound together by a love that cannot be broken.