Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Celebrating # 80 in Style!

Whatever could Becca be doing with a big box and scissors?

Creating a birthday box!

But what would you put in a box that big, with a hole on the top?

A new dishwasher? Refrigerator? Oven? Desk?

How 'bout a friend? A friend?

Whatever is so funny?!

And why is Grandma getting out of her seat?

Because her friend, Maryann, all the way from Minnesota and just off the plane, popped out of Becca's birthday box!

What a reunion!


But wait...there's more...

...strawberry cake...

...flowers from cousins...

...cards galore...

...fifteen roses from fifteen grandchildren...

...messages on the chalkboard...

...and signs on the door!

Wait! What's all the fuss? It's our dear grandmother's eightieth birthday! We can't believe it! She is so young still! She runs 2 miles a day! She volunteers at the hospital! She cooks and bakes huge feasts! She's swift as a fiddle!

Grandma, we love you and are so happy to celebrate eighty years of life with you! You are so generous and your love, your laughter, your life and your generosity make life at Bentley so meaningful! Happy 80th Birthday!