Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2011 White Coat Ceremony (By Allie)

This past Saturday was Isaac’s White Coat Ceremony. With almost 2 1/2 year of vet school completed the class took a break to celebrate the end of the book learning and the beginning of the more hands on part of vet school, clinics. They will now begin to put all the knowledge they acquired over the last few year to use!

To signify the change the students were “coated” with the white coats they will wear for clinics and on into their careers. Dr. Hart, one of Isaac’s inspirations and mentors since he was a boy, traveled up from Dutchess County to do the honors of the coating. The whole Angell family, less Nate who is in Mexico, traveled up for the grand occasion.

It was a lovely time to stop a reflect on what God has done to bring Isaac to this place of fulfilling a dream that began as a very young boy. I joined him partway through his journey of vet school but I am so proud of all he has done and thankful to God for watching over him ever step of the way. I am constantly amazed by all the learning those vet students manage to get into their brain and by Isaac’s diligence to the task placed before him.

Isaac, congratulations, we are all so proud of you! - Allie Blue

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