Monday, March 23, 2009

Salt Lake City, Continued

My Uncle Steve confirmed that Truman Angell (the architect of the Mormon Temple) is a descendent of Thomas Angell (the man who settled Providence, Rhode Island) and since my great-grandmother, Alice Angel Angell, is also descended from Thomas Angell, we are all related! Now that we cleared that up, here's another fun fact: the girl who checked me in at my hotel is named Sarah Angell. How's that for a coincidence? I'm probably related to her too.

The Undergraduate Poster Session in Hall 5 at the Convention Center.
The undergraduate student at Fox who is working on the same research project that I worked on during the Summer of 2002 at Fox (synthesis of amphiphilic polyoxometalates).
The weather in Salt Lake City is officially strange. Today it snowed - almost all day!
Poor flowers!
The view of the mountains from outside my hotel.