Thursday, May 29, 2008

Generations Past and Present

Today my dad's sister, Marjorie, my cousin, Jeremy, and his wife, Barbara (and baby - still hidden!), visited the farm from Michigan and Colorado, respectively. Aunt Marjorie is an amazing piano composer and shared one of her compositions with the family this evening. We spent much time in conversation about generations past - especially regarding my paternal grandmother's parents, Marjorie Hill and Warder Clyde Allee. We just finished reading a book that my great-grandmother had written entitled The American Girl. Interestingly, the book explores a trip that my grandmother, Barbara Allee Angell, took to France while she was a college student at Earlham. We also pulled out an old diary of Warder Clyde Allee's where he describes a funny incident of falling asleep while driving a horse-drawn buggy - when he woke up he was back in his driveway; the horses took him home! (Pictures below include pictures of the backyard badminton game, the newest landscaping project and general enjoyment of a wonderful dinner feast!)