Saturday, November 03, 2007

Of Big and Little Accomplishments

Isaac has officially finished, what is deemed by many to be the most difficult, block of veterinary school. He was able to spend Friday and Saturday with the family and, in addition to helping Rebecca organize the house, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors on a long walk with his three sisters, he spent much time impressing us with his new-found anatomical vocabulary.

"Point to any muscle in the body, and I'll name it for you," Isaac likes to now say. And then, after we point, he rattles off mysterious phrases that must have Latin and Greek derivatives. Before too long he says, "Now, why isn't anyone interested in what I am saying?"

After the big accomplishment of finishing his first block, Isaac made a little but significant accomplishment around the home - building a wheel stand for Grandpa's recliner, so that Grandpa can join us in the activity of our daily tasks. Pictured below is Mom at Grandpa's side - thankfully, by the fireplace in the kitchen.