Friday, June 08, 2007

Thank You

This is a post of thanks. It is a post of thanks to those older women who are a shining and living example of what it means to be a feminine and beautiful wife and mother. I encounter so many women who are discouraged in their marriages, who have lost the joy of their first love, who are ready to leave their marriages behind because the journey has been too hard. This post is a thank-you to those women who have shown me a different way, who have deeply delighted in their men and in their children and have painted an attractive picture of what it means to be a life-long bride who is more in love at age sixty than at age twenty-five.

Thank you. In living the life as a wife and mother to the fullest you have provided what is perhaps one of the most clear glimmers of the relationship between Christ and the Church. When marriages fail, what witness does the world have of Christ's love? If a Christian man and women cannot love and honor one another, how is the world to see the spiritual reality that this physical sacrament represents? Thank you for maintaining the witness of faithfulness, fruitfulness, adoration and delight.

Within the testimony of your lives is hope for another generation of young women who look to marriage. Thank you.