Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lofty Aspirations

"My, what a man," says the world. That requires no grace; it appeals to the flesh. But I want to say to you from the depths of my heart that it needs all the grace of God to go through drudgery and poverty, to live an ignored existence as a saint, unnoticed by anybody. For if this is the commission behind us in Christian work, remember, always, we are sent out to be exceptional in ordinary things.
- Alan Redpath
Our family has thought upon the call of these truths in the past week, especially asking for prayer that in the ordinary things of our lives we might be found faithful. It is fitting that these reflections bring us to Mother's Day as we find ourselves grateful for the opportunity to call to mind the one person, who above all others, has dedicated herself to the task of unseen exceptionality in ordinary things.

Mom, you have given the entirety of your being to make me complete. I stand very grateful. Of all my aspirations and dreams, none is so lofty as that of becoming a mother like you.