Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Highest Point in the County

Hannah, Nathaniel and I hiked to the highest point in Dutchess County today which happens to be at the top of Brace Mountain in Millerton. When we arrived at the trailhead I asked, "Where is the mountain?" But for a mountain that looked like a hill from a distance, we certainly got a good workout. We realized that it is a difficult time of year to climb steep terrain because fallen and dry leaves do not make for very stable footing. By the time we got toward the top of the mountain, our hands were very involved with our climb. When we actually reached what appeared to be the Brace Mountain summit, we took a nap on the moss and watched the clouds move overhead.

We eventually came down the mountain, grabbed some lunch (we were ravenous) and went to a thrift shop where Nathaniel got a crisp pink and white Ralph Lauren shirt for $2.99. He said it would be great for the Princeton lawn parties. The funny thing is that he doesn't tend to frequent the Princeton lawn parties. But if he did, he would now have a nice shirt to wear to the event.

A waterfall graced most of our journey.

Hannah takes a break to laugh.

Definitely an amusing find - a glass bottle grown into a tree.

View of the western countryside.

The terrain was steep at the top.