Friday, June 30, 2006

Lot Count Approved

Small but significant headway was made for The Waterlands at Bentley this week. Dad came back from the town planning board meeting and reported that the first step towards Hans' development plans was approved. Twenty-three new lots have been sanctioned. Hats off to Hans for this accomplishment.

For those less familliar with the farm history, Bentley Farm was purchased by a Dutch developing company in the early spring of 2005 from my grandfather's cousins who had owned the farm since the early 1900's. Hans, acting as the officiant, has labored many hours to get his site plan approved. My dad and Hans have worked together during this time to develop a plan that would allow for the maintainence and continuation of an agricultural extention at Bentley. We remain optimistic that the future plans will be approved in a smooth manner.