Saturday, May 06, 2006

Celebration of a Marriage-to-Be

My childhood friend and graduate school roommate, Katherine, and her fiance, Justin, came for an engagement dinner tonight. They are planning to wed on May 26, so it is a very exciting time.

We went on a evening walk through the fields and went to the highest point on the farm to watch a slowly setting sun.

As has now become tradition, we played a modified version of the Newlywed Game. The one rule? The engaged couple always has to win. The question that won the award for facilitating the most laughter was a question asked to the men, "What would your "wife" say was the best gift that she got last Christmas?" Justin answered, "Her wedding ring." To which Katherine (above) went into shock because she had forgotten about the rings and written, "Snowshoes." Justin replied, generously, that if that was the truth, he would resolve himself to accepting that she would be coming down the aisle in snowshoes. Brides have indeed worn many embarrassing shoes under a wedding dress, but in all history, this could be a first.

Katherine and Justin treated the family to a delightful choral sing of "Brother James Air."