Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year's and Florida

Emily, Lorna and I on the beach in Jacksonville, Florida. The Cobbs live on the Jacksonville Navy Base, which happens to be right on the ocean!

Here we are walking back from the beach to the Cobb's home. I couldn't get over the palm trees. I kept thinking that they must be fake. (It was also funny to see air-balloon snow men on the homes of grassy lawns!)

Emily Naglieri and I went to visit a long-time friend, Lorna Cobb, and her family in Florida for New Year's. It was wonderful to be together again. The Cobb's have ten children - nine of whom are girls! It was fun to be with another large family. It gave me a little idea of what it must be like to visit my family. The weather was beautiful while we were in Florida. We didn't go swimming, but we did walk through the ocean water with bare feet. Lovely.