Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Music and Celebrations

Clarence, the local dairy farmer, joined us for Christmas dinner. He is a man of few words. He enjoyed working on a 3D puzzle with Hannah after dinner.

Nate wants to learn to play the guitar. I held the chords and Nate strummed. It kind of sounded like music.

Tsheko and I played a lot of music for the family over Christmas break. Singing was one of the best parts of Christmas.

Christmas was very nice this year. The day was made special with a lot of singing and music. We were joined for the Christmas season with Nathaniel's friend, Tsheko. Clarence, the farmer, came to visit us for dinner. It was special that Christmas fell on a Sunday. On Christmas Eve, the family took the annual pilgrimage across the Hudson to Clintondale Friends for a candlelight service. In the early hours of Christmas, Isaac, Nathaniel, Luke, Hannah, Tsheko and I all attended a very meaningful midnight mass with our friend, Trip Sinnot, at St. Joseph's in Millbrook. In the daylight hours of Christmas Day, the entire family had a gathered meeting for worship in the home. We were happy to be together.