Thursday, July 21, 2005

Through Faith

Through faith we...

obtain a good report
understand our origins
make sacrifices
do not see death
please God
become heirs of righteousness
look for a different city
confess that we are pilgrims on earth
believe that God raises the dead
bless and worship
do not fear mortal men
choose to suffer affliction
esteem the reproach of Christ as treasure
see Him who his invisible
subdue kingdoms
obtain promises
are made strong in weakness
grow valiant in the fight
escape the sword
receive back the dead
accept torture, mockings, scourgings

Too often I think of faith as something that it is not. Somehow I like to think of faith as some cure to my desire. In reality faith has a whole lot more to do with God's Kingdom than with my kingdom. It has a whole lot more to do with suffering than with pleasure, with worship than with indulgence and with fighting than with peace.